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Hi, I m a Bruno Germano. I am a young Christian, maried, knowledge curator, developer, post-modern attempts, in the midst of a metropolis that never stops. I made this blog to share technics, scripts and talk about tech and other things.

Slack Bulk File Delete

Script for bulk delete files in slack.

I love Slack, but I don’t have money enough to pay for all users in my company.

The first problem is the 10k messages history limit, it’s ok, I can deal with that. The second is the storage limit for files.

That second problem you need to delete old files to free space to still able to upload and share files. To do this, you need to open Slack, find files and delete each one, there’s no way to bulk delete. And s so, can deal with that to, with my super power.

So, I wrote this script to do that for me.




You will need to clone this repo and just execute in your terminal like this:


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Sonhos, Frustrações E Realizações

Vejo várias coisas acontecendo, amigos em novos projetos, coisas legais sendo realizadas. E isso me gera sentimentos de alegria e frustração.

A alegria por saber que muita gente pensa como eu, sonha como eu e estão se realizando.

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AngularJS + Yeoman

Palestra para o DevFest São Paulo de 2013.

Agilizando a criação e desenvolvimento de aplicações AngularJS com Yeoman.

Slides da palestra.

Em breve em vídeo.

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Instagram WP Plugin

Hi everyone,

In this week I’ve been worked on a blog for a client, and in sometime in development I had need to list the last pictures, and now videos, of some Instagram user in this blog.

I looked for a plugin to do this, however, the most good plugins I saw its a widget and I need to put Instagram feed in some other place, not in a sidebar or widget placeholder.

In this case I decide to build my own plugin, or something like this.

The plugin, basicaly, connect in the API using a Instagram OAuth and have a method for I call in my theme.

Say hello to my little plugin!

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