A little bit of Bruno Germano

about me

Hi, I m a Bruno Germano. I am a young Christian, maried, knowledge curator, developer, post-modern attempts, in the midst of a metropolis that never stops. I made this blog to share technics, scripts and talk about tech and other things.

Sonhos, Frustrações E Realizações

Vejo várias coisas acontecendo, amigos em novos projetos, coisas legais sendo realizadas. E isso me gera sentimentos de alegria e frustração.

A alegria por saber que muita gente pensa como eu, sonha como eu e estão se realizando.

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AngularJS + Yeoman

Palestra para o DevFest São Paulo de 2013.

Agilizando a criação e desenvolvimento de aplicações AngularJS com Yeoman.

Slides da palestra.

Em breve em vídeo.

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Instagram WP Plugin

Hi everyone,

In this week I’ve been worked on a blog for a client, and in sometime in development I had need to list the last pictures, and now videos, of some Instagram user in this blog.

I looked for a plugin to do this, however, the most good plugins I saw its a widget and I need to put Instagram feed in some other place, not in a sidebar or widget placeholder.

In this case I decide to build my own plugin, or something like this.

The plugin, basicaly, connect in the API using a Instagram OAuth and have a method for I call in my theme.

Say hello to my little plugin!

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My Development Environment

Too many people ask me what tools, software and settings I use for work. Basically my work is coding, but I have to do a number of other things moreover nad for this I have some tricks.

Let’s starts from a brand new MAC OSX installation. Yeah, I only work with Mac and this article have tips and instructions only for Mac Environment.


I’m a front and back-end developer so my software collection apply for all this techniques.

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