My Development Environment

written in bash, brew, mac, npm, osx

Too many people ask me what tools, software and settings I use for work. Basically my work is coding, but I have to do a number of other things moreover nad for this I have some tricks.

Let’s starts from a brand new MAC OSX installation. Yeah, I only work with Mac and this article have tips and instructions only for Mac Environment.


I’m a front and back-end developer so my software collection apply for all this techniques.

iTerm 2

The iTerm2 is a replacement for Terminal app. In this app I use the Hardcore Theme, this app is able to save their config in a path of your choice and I choose a Dropbox path.

My iTerm looks like this:

"Hardcore Theme for iTerm"

Sublime Text 2

In this app I use a Monokai Theme, it came with a default instalation. I use a Sublime Package Control to control packages and plugins. I’ll will write another day about each packages, plugins and tips of my Sublime.

Xcode 4.4

I was installed this from App Store.

Now, open it up the Xcode preferences, go to ‘Downloads’ and install the command line tools. This installs stuff like GIT, GCC, etc. I also had downloaded iOS 5.0 Simulator, but is optional.

"Xcode 4.4 Downloads"


I frok the dotfiles repository form Roderik van der Veer and edited this for my use. You can see my dotfile here, and download git free throght this way:

curl -L -o && unzip -d ./dotfiles

I recomend you download and edit the files .extra.dist whith yours git credentials and some paths.

I edited the .osx file too for configure my osx in many points, if you wanna run this file edit with some things.

Thank You