Instagram WP Plugin

written in api, wordpress

Hi everyone,

In this week I’ve been worked on a blog for a client, and in sometime in development I had need to list the last pictures, and now videos, of some Instagram user in this blog.

I looked for a plugin to do this, however, the most good plugins I saw its a widget and I need to put Instagram feed in some other place, not in a sidebar or widget placeholder.

In this case I decide to build my own plugin, or something like this.

The plugin, basicaly, connect in the API using a Instagram OAuth and have a method for I call in my theme.

Say hello to my little plugin!

Instagram for Custom WP Themes

Plugin to get instagram media feed of some user for a custom wordpress themes.



  • Clone the repository
  • Update Submodules
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


In function.php file of your theme load the Instagram file, like this:


To get a Instagram feed call this function:

    $feed = Instagram::get_feed('999999', 16);

The first argument is a userid of user you want to get a photos and videos, the second is optional, is a limit of media quantity you want to call, the default is 16.

The return is a collection of medias, you can get more expecification in Instagram API Docs


Fork me

I have a lot things to do in this plugins, this is a initial beta version, if you want to use and increase this class, fork me and let’s do the better world.

This is the repo link